Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Parallel Universe

There are a lot of things I've had to get used to with starting a new school. New rules, new procedures, new thoughts, EVERYTHING. Today I learned something else new which honestly did shock and confuse me.

Lately, I've been looking up possible jobs that would interest me after I graduate. I considered the usual researcher, computer programmer..something I can actually see a result for and maybe possibly be applicable. (cross fingers dream job!)
I asked one of my fellow students what she was hoping to do after she graduate. Basically what do you want to be when you grow up! :D

(Image Provided by kcc_10)
Her answer was to get married. And...........
That was it!

I've never have really thought about the idea even though its probably becoming more obvious to me that some women just want to get married and then thats it. They will be married.
Well thats nice but then what?

(Image Provided by Favor Ideas)

And for that matter, what was even the point of getting a higher degree at all?
Please don't tell me it was just to find a man..I think that would break my heart.
I don't know why finding out that some women are like this is like finding out there is no Santa Claus.
I guess because it makes me feel like all the work I've done so far could be pointless.