Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Geek's Date

Sorry sorry sorry. I haven't written in forever. From the countless complains of a certain sister I know its just been too long and I have a lot that has been on my mind but first of the events today!

I love phd comics. Most of the time, they are spot on with how grad school really is in particular to a certain woman in a mathematical program :D

So pretty much as suggested I was asked out by someone in my dept. This happens. I had it happen to me in undergrad and I'm sure it will happen again but what annoys me the most is the uncreativity that comes when someone from the dept asks me out. Its always quite logical or convinient but never ever does it have anything to really do with me. Its just the point of finding someone..anyone!

Luckily this time I was equiped with other woman in my dept who have been through this similar expierence before so all three of us went out with this one guy. If you date one of us, you are dating all of us! And it was quite amusing. Really I had a great time and i thought the whole thing was super funny. Unfortunately for the guy, I'm sure he didn't appreciate the backfire.

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